Buy Domain

The process of buying a domain from us is pretty simple. Pick the domain, add to cart, transfer the equivalent of the price of the domain in TIO to our payment address which is 0x4122c6549BCF5F6bb948e5daB535A7887257fCc6

TIO can be bought from etherdelta exchange following this link . Once the payment in TIO is made, copy the transaction ID and send it to us via email or post the transaction ID on our forum on and we will intiate the process of transfer of ownership of the domain to you.

Any further questions, or negotiate on prices,  to get an immediate answer ask it on our bitcointalk


Frequently Asked questions

  1. Are your prices negotiable?

We might be open to negotiation. Send us an email with your offer and we’ll get back to you or get on our thread on and make an offer for whatever domain you intend to purchase and get quicker responses. Since this is a community driven project, we might get pressured by our community to accept your offer. Here is the full link to our bitcointalk page

2.    Can I pay with paypal or bitcoin? 

The goal of this is for TIO to be used as a payment term.  If you you are asking to pay with anything else, then our answer is most definitely NO! However, if you are buying one of our very highly priced domains, we might have a second thought about, but we’ll let the community decide.

3.   I have a domain to sell, do you buy premium domains too?

Yes we do, read the rules and requirements go here

4. How to use etherdelta exchange?

First you need to download a free mozilla or google chrome extension called metamax. Create a password, and on the same browser go to

To be able to buy  TIO on etherdelta,  you would need some ethereum. If you still don’t understand how this works, just come in our bitcointalk forum/thread and their are loads of people willing to answer your question.